Lisanne van Heck

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“It’s a challenge to keep up with the day-to-day online changes. Monitoring these developments and implement them within Pixelzebra is what make my job so diverse. No day is ever the same, that’s what I enjoy about it! I get a real kick out of drawing up campaigns that turn out to be a success. Also, I really love being able to use my passion for writing in my work. I want every potential client to get warm feelings about Pixelzebra. The way I try to achieve this, is to write content in such a way that it resonates with everyone, and anyone can understand what it says.”

At Pixelzebra, Lisanne is responsible for marketing. In this role, she writes the content for the website, engages in social media and develops new marketing campaigns. Her aim is to put Pixelzebra on the map in a positive way and introduce potential new clients to the company. Even though Lisanne is not in direct contact with clients, each client’s interests and needs take top priority with her.

Medewerker Marketing Lisanne van Heck